Bruno Aguilera Barchet


Professor of Comparative Legal History

Director of the Institute of International Legal Studies (IEJI)

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid. Spain)

Dual citizenship: Spanish and French

Languages: Spanish, French and English


After his High School studies in the French School of Madrid (Lycée Français de Madrid),  he studied Law in the University Complutense of Madrid in Spain where he received the annual award as best student of his promotion. Received his PHD in the same university.

Visiting professor

He has been visiting Researcher in the Harvard Law School, and visiting professor in the Universitá degli Studi di Milano where he worked closely with professor Antonio Padoa-Schioppa on comparative Legal history. He has been visiting professor of the University of Paris XII (Paris Est Créteil) and responsible of the Double degree in French and Spanish Law that this University had with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid. He also works currently with University of New Mexico School of Law in connection with his Dean Professor Sergio Pareja and was Visiting Professor in 2018 Autumn Semester). Visiting Reasearcher McGuill Law School (Spring Semester 2019).

He performed at UNM School of Law on September 7, 2016 the prestigious John Field Simms Sr. Memorial Lectureship on Law. Here enclosed the links about the event and the conference itself.

Official positions

He has been Vice-chancellor of the Rey Juan Carlos University and Dean of its Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences. Now he is the current Director of its Institute of International Legal Studies

As specialist in the Legal System of the European Union he is member of the Academic Council of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies in Brussels. The Think Tank of the European Popular Party the leading party in the European Parliament. The party of the President of the Commission Jean Claude Juncker and of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

As member of the Academic Council Brussels Think Tank he has focused in the problems of Higher Education and how to bring young Europeans to rediscover their cultural background as a way to make them realize the importance of European integration.

Expert AEIC (Academic Exchange Information Center) AIS Reviewer since September 2021.

Main Researchs

He is author of 10 books and over 30 scientific articles in Spanish, French and English. His research and publications deal with crucial aspects of Comparative legal history such as: commercial law with his canonic History of the bill of exchange (982 pages, Madrid Tecnos, 1988), History of procedure, concretely The procedure of the Spanish Inquisition (Madrid, B.A.C 1993), an Historical introduction to Law (Civitas 1996), history of legal sources: custom and law in medieval law El Fuero de Cáceres (1998), Law in the time of Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote (Aranzadi, 2006), and a research on the role of religion in contemporary law an “Historical introduction to Islamic law” (Madrid Dykinson, 2007), among other.

Later publications

On the History of comparative constitutional history, history of the rule of Law in Western legal tradition:

On Higher Education:

International Cooperation

But he has not only dealt with intellectual matters. As Director of the Institute of International Legal Studies he has developed with the Center for Latin American Studies of the University Rey Juan Carlos a master’s degree in Cooperation and International Relations with Latin America. Under his direction the Institute has also been extremely active in Africa, concretely in Mauritania in several Cooperation programs from 2006 to 2016, especially concerning the territorial reorganization of the Mauritanian State.

Official decorations

He is recipient of the title of Officer of the “Palmes Académiques” Order, an honor awarded by the French government in recognition of extraordinary efforts to promote French culture and excellence in teaching. He is currently the President of the Spanish chapter of the mentioned Order. He is also recipient of the Order of San Raimundo de Peñafort awarded by the Spanish Government in recognition of extraordinary efforts in the Legal field.


URJC Vicálvaro Campus